Connecting you to the world

High speed internet, High Definition TV and security cameras.

Shopping from home, banking from home and international video calling.

The family home has evolved. With the technology of today, and innovations of the future, the structured wiring panel is the most essential and versatile tool to cope with your expanding distribution demands.

A structured wiring panel is home to your Voice and High speed Data, Television, Security and Surveillance. It is the solution to managing your communication, networking and TV requirements.

When distribution components are centralized, changes and re-configurations become a breeze, easily allowing you the extended performance of future technologies.

Imagine Sky TV on every Television around your home from one decoder… or all your computers sharing data files, a printer and a scanner… or allowing all the computers in your home simultaneous access to the internet… multiple phone lines at any location in the house… control of your Sky decoder or DVD player from the comforts of your bed. Endless possibilities – easily achieved!

Here at Custom Installations we look for ways of making your home work for you. Call us now and find out how we can carefully plan a structured wiring system to meet your budget, your lifestyle and your home.

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Home theatre

Great Home Theatre is dynamic and involving, immersing you in the movie and bringing out your emotions.

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The art of selecting, cabling, configuring and calibrating your audio-system components to meet your requirements is the sole aim of Custom Installations.

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We can transform your new or renovated home into a place of relaxation and tranquility with soothing, beautiful music available to be experienced in every room.

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Connecting to you the world with high speed internet, High Definition TV and security cameras.

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It’s all about protection. Protection of your family; protection of your property; protection of the things you cannot replace.

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