Have you been thinking …

I’ve purchased a new sound system and want it professionally installed

I’m looking for advice and help in setting up my new laptop

I want a new TV and sound system, and don’t know where to start

I’m building a new house and want wiring for everything

We are Custom Installations

We are Canterbury based and specialise in the design & installation of Home entertainment, TV and sound systems, networking of computers and laptops, security and surveillance systems. Our personable and professional team provide expert advice and top quality work, whether you’re building a new home, making renovations, modifying an installation or just feel like you need someone competent to install your system.

From the advice we give, the equipment we supply and to the installation that completes the project, our expertise and attention to detail ensure you a top quality result.

We provide our services to people who value professional, competent and expert advice with functional and discrete solutions.